You can always begin again.

-Jack Kornfield

Behavioral Health Coaching 

Working with me as a behavioral health coach isn't therapy. But maybe you're not looking for therapy.  Transformation can happen through many different avenues.  Behavioral health coaching allows me to bring my expertise to your individual situation and offer tools, strategies, and support to help guide you in this moment and beyond.




I offer 1:1 and group consultations for personal and professional growth. 

I draw from positive psychology, trauma-informed somatic work, my training as a meditation teacher,and my clinical experience as a therapist.

In our sessions, we will collaboratively devise a plan to move you closer to where you want to be. 

Sessions are 50 minutes and can be scheduled on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis as needed. 

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I work with individuals who need extra support in a variety of areas including:

Relationships/ Dating/ Breakups

Anxiety/ Situational Anxiety




Life Transitions


I work with professionals in the healing and wellness industries on how to create trauma-informed practices. 


I work with businesses and non-profits bringing mindfulness and meditation to the workplace.





Meditation is a process of getting to know and learning how to be with one's mind.


The practice of meditation can help bring us clarity, focus, new perspectives, self-compassion, and stress management. The idea is that we may not be able to avoid the hard things that life brings but we can transform our response to it.

The meditations I work with are mindfulness and compassion practices from secular Buddhism. This means there is nothing you need to believe in and people from all religious backgrounds can benefit.  








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